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About Sendery

Drag. Drop. View on any nearby device.

What is Sendery?

Sendery is a way to quickly send files, links, and text to nearby computers and cellphones. It's a modern, simple way to transfer practically anything.


What happened to my file?
Your files are only visible for an hour. Sendery is meant for sending things, not long-term storage. Plus, it's partly for your privacy.

Can I share with people who aren't nearby?
Yep, but you'll need to borrow a box. Name your box, (set a password if you want to), and then email the url to whoever you want.

How can I share something privately?
Borrow a box - name it, and set a password. Once you're done, we'll erase everything that was in it within an hour.

What on earth is a box?
Boxes are just a way to keep your stuff seperate from the public Sendery feed. They're great for group collaboration, as well as sending lots of files. Plus, you can choose to secure them with a password.

Where do I sign up?
To make transferring things incredibly fast, Sendery doesn't use accounts - You don't have to waste time logging in. Just drag, drop, and your stuff is instantly ready . It's part of the beauty of quickly transferring things.


Sendery was inspired by Harris Munir's amazing LanNote, and was built by Fabricate.IO, a Pittsburgh-based startup.